Sunday, December 20, 2009

Anything Sweet for a Christmas Treat :)

Since my last post we have found out that I'm not quite as far along as we thought (from an ultrasound), we have went from a due date of June 25th to July 23rd...and it could change again :)

We had our last doctors appointment on December 10th. We got to see our little gummi bear during our ultra sound, which determined how far along I was, however we could not hear the heartbeat yet (since I was not as far along as they thought). But, we do get to hear it at our next appointment at the beginning of January. Also, since I'm not as far along as they believed that I was, the nausea will be sticking around for a couple more weeks. :( I am mostly nauseous at night, it starts around 5 pm or so and doesn't go away until I go to sleep. Needless to say this makes it difficult to eat or cook anything, so we have been doing a lot of carry out/ordering out. I love to cook so I'm ready to feel a little better. One funny thing that has been different though is my appeal for sweets, I have never really been a big sweets person, but lately different story. :)

•How far along?: Almost 10 weeks
•Total weight gain: None yet..I haven't been able to eat much
•How big is baby?: About the size of a small plum
•Maternity clothes?: Sometimes I slip on the maternity jeans when not feeling so well, but are not absolutely necessary yet
•Stretch marks?: Not yet
•Sleep?: Sleeping like a baby for now...:)
•Best moment this week?: Alex's parents gave us a very generous gift to purchase our crib :)
•Movement?: A little to early for that
•Food cravings?: Sweets, Cinnamon rolls, ice cream...I also am a fan of cereal right now.
•Belly button in or out?: in
•What I miss: A drink every now and then
•What I'm looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat at our next appointment :)


  1. Too cute! So excited for you guys!

  2. Frosted Rice Krispies, best cereal ever. I ate 3-4 boxes a week when I was pregnant with John. It was all I wanted.