Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It all starts with the Gummi Bears... all started on October 19th, 2009 when Aunt Flo didn't come to make here monthly visit. So, of course I went out and bought a pregnancy test wondering if this was really it, or if I was just running a day or two late. I took the test first thing the next morning and it was negative. Waiting a few more days (still know show of the Aunt) I took the other test in the box, still negative. Hmm...I guess I am just missing this cycle?

But, being the very impatient person that I am, I must have taken another 7-10 pregnancy tests over the next week and a half. ALL NEGATIVE! I was giving up on those tests and just figured I was having an off month. Another week and a half went by, I was about 3 weeks late at this point, and I hadn't taken anymore tests.

On that Tuesday of the 3rd week I started cramping on and off, I thought for sure I was going to start. Waited till Wednesday, still cramping. Thursday, still cramping (thinking when is my Aunt going to get here). Friday, still cramping and still NO Aunt Flo. On this same Thursday night that the cramping was going on I had some family over and my 2 year old nephew was running around our house when he walked up to the fireplace mantel where there are some pictures of Alex and I and other family and friends. My nephew looking up at the pictures started saying "baby, baby, baby". We all stopped and were like HUH? We also have a large clock above the mantel so we thought maybe he thought the clock made noise so we said "beep beep?". He said "noooo baby, baby". We went on about our night and I didn't think much of it, after all I was expecting my Aunt Flo any day now since I had been cramping so much. The very next day I saw my nephew again and he was carrying around my cell phone with a picture of Alex and I on it, he recognized Alex and I as he always does, and then again... the NEXT day... started saying "baby, baby". I asked Stephanie (my sister) if he had been saying that all day or just around me? She said, "just around me".

I started wondering and found it so weird that he was saying "baby" and that after cramping on and off for 4 days that Aunt Flo still wasn't here. I had another test at home and decided on the drive home that I was going to take it in the morning, figuring it was going to be negative but felt weird at the same time. That sucker was coming up positive while I was still peeing on it!!! NO KIDDING!!! I opened the door, told Alex. There was no way I was holding it in since it was a Saturday and we were both home! He didn't believe me! I told him to come look at the test on the counter, then I think he started to believe it a little more. I said "OH MY GOSH KEEGAN!" I had told Alex the day before what Keegan had said, we couldn't believe it! But he had to know... he just had too.

We took a couple more tests to confirm the pregnancy they were all positive within a minute, mostly because Alex was in disbelief. We went to the mall that day and while walking around, looking at some baby furniture and getting more excited about the our addition, we decided to tell our parents that weekend. We bought Alex's parents a personalized Christmas ornament with 3 name spots and had it personalized to say Alex, Sara and Baby. They were so surprised and happy :) We did the same for my parents, but also gave them a card in a Thanksgiving type envelope (since it was the week of Thanksgiving) and we wrote "boy or girl which will it be, in June or July, we will see :)" We did this because that is how my parents told their parents that they were expecting me, so I kept the tradition. They were surprised and happy as well!

We are very very excited about the new addition to our family. Currently, the cramping which the doctor has assured me is completely normal, has subsided. But I have moved into nauseousness, all day nauseousness. I pretty much have to force myself to eat. However I have craved a few things and seem to be able to eat what I have craved. My first craving was GUMMI BEARS (I haven't had gummi bears in years). But, since this was my first craving, we have decided to refer to Baby Sauerbrey as our Little Gummi Bear through the pregnancy, though we will announce the baby's gender we aren't sure if we are going to announce the name until he or she is here :) Check back frequently as I will be updating the blog periodically about my pregnancy. I promise it won't be as long next time. :o)

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  1. Soo very exciting...and just get ready to be hooked to the blogging world!! The "yucky" morning sickness will ease up, I promise. I lost a ton of weight my first trimester (have gained it all back now!!) I don't know if you are on prenatal vitamins yet or not, but try switching the ones you are taking. I noticed that after I took mine everytime I would get sick...I've gone through about 3 different kinds, and now only take them before going to bed. It helped ease my sickness the ones the Dr. gives you are disgusting!!